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Ag World Support Systems will continue to serve the industry with a responsive, high-quality, and efficient service as it expands its market presence throughout the global agricultural industry.

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Our Vision

Ag World Support Systems - the trusted leader in agricultural inspection services worldwide.

Core Values

  1. Honor God
  2. Do It Right
  3. Do It Now
  4. Serve

Our Aspirations

  1. Build sound relationships with customers.
  2. Facilitate effective growth and development.
  3. Encourage teamwork, leadership and trust.
  4. Operate profitably.

Our Mission

At Ag World Support Systems we generate meaningful information customers use to optimize their operations and relationships.

We listen and adapt to needs, and we encourage the pursuit of potential for ourselves and those we serve.

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Quality Since 1997

Ag World Support Systems LLC was established on June 16, 1997 with a focus on customer service, accuracy, quality, and development.

Unique Services

Ag World Support Systems provides professional inspection services focused on agricultural commodity inspections, sampling and analysis.

Industry Experience

Our founder, Warren Henninger, has spent his entire professional career in the potato industry. His vision led him to found Ag World Support Systems.

Stay Competitive

Our third-party inspections bring added value to the industry at a time when elimination of non-essential costs are of utmost importance.