Who We Are


Ag World Support Systems- the trusted leader in agricultural inspection services worldwide.


At Ag World Support Systems we generate meaningful information customers use to optimize their operations and relationships, we listen and adapt to needs, and we encourage the pursuit of potential for ourselves and those we serve.

Core Values

  1. Honor God
  2. Do it right
  3. Do it now
  4. Serve



  1. Build sound relationships with customers
  2. Facilitate effective growth and development
  3. Encourage teamwork, leadership and trust
  4. Operate profitably

Our Team


Bryan Henninger – President/CEO

Judy Henninger – Ambassador & Chaplain



Warren Henninger – Founder/Chairman

Remembering our beloved Founder, Warren A. Henninger - who modeled what it means to care and serve both the Ag World Family and our customers with excellence and compassion.

Warren will be forever missed as we gratefully carry on his legacy.

To God be the Glory!

Corporate Team

Darren Burchill – CAO and General Counsel
Ruth Wu – CFO and China Director
Wendi Stark – Executive Assistant
Melanie Finch – Sr. Manager Organizational Development & Communications
Adam Finch – HR Manager
Cindy Alporque – HR Advisor
Amy Thompson – Payroll & Benefits Manager
Verna Zacharias – East Region QA Manager
Luke Switzer – West Region QA Manager
Jian Zhang – China Inspection Specialist
Hui Fang Yang – China Inspection Specialist
Pat Motschenbacher – IT Manager
Garrett Hoff – Software Developer
Steve Jones – Safety Manager
Jana Mahn – Accounting Assistant
Debby Smith – Payroll Specialist
Shonnie Peña – Office Assistant

West Region

Rob Hopp – Director
Aaron Glenn – North Basin Area Manager
Brian (Bo) Li – South Basin Area Manager
Jade Norris – Facility Manager
Minerva Garnica –Facility Manager
Priscilla Griffith – Facility Manager
Anthony Lind – Facility Manager
Kristopher Noga – Facility Manager
Jeana Lonzo – Facility Manager
Christian Fernandez – Facility Manager
Wyatt Steckler – Facility Manager

East Region

Chip Steckler – Director & China Operations Manager
Lynn Natuk – East Region Manager
Shawnna Dickson – Midwest CA Area Manager
Lisa Peters – Midwest USA Area Manager
Anthony Riassetto – Facility Manager
Greg Kipp – Facility Manager
Deanna Letkeman – Facility Manager
Brandy Wood – Facility Manager
Jackie Hanna – Facility Manager
Crystal Lebby – Facility Manager
Brandon Cook – Facility Manager

Our History

Warren Henninger, CEO and Founder of Ag World Support Systems, observed the United States trend toward privatizing many government run services. Mr. Henninger also noted that processor performed inspections, as in Canada, both exposed the processor to unnecessary risks while leaving room for growers to question the unbiased nature of the inspection. These opportunities led to the development of Mr. Henninger's vision of an independent private third party inspection company to service the processed potato industry. Mr. Henninger believed that a private party could provide a better service and be more responsive to industry needs.

Founded Company

Mr. Henninger chose to leave his post of 21 years in a potato processing company and begin the process of establishing an independent private third party inspection service. Much time was spent investigating the industries response to a private inspection service. After receiving a positive response from the industry, Ag World Support Systems LLC was established on June 16, 1997 with a focus on customer service, accuracy, quality, and development.

Operations Begin

February 1998 Ag World Support Systems inspection operations began servicing its first facility at the JR Simplot processing plant in Hermiston, Oregon, which closed in November 2004. After our first successful start-up, two more facilities were acquired during the summer of 1998 (JR Simplot in Grand Forks, North Dakota; Aviko USA (became Cavendish Farms in 2002) in Jamestown, North Dakota).

Expansion in WA

Ag World began servicing the Simplot plants in Moses Lake and Othello, Washington at a grading facility in Moses Lake.

Expansion in Canada

In July, Ag World Support Systems Corp. was formed to begin operation in Canada. In August 2002 operations started at Midwest Foods in Carberry, Manitoba. (November of 2004, this plant was purchased by McCain Foods Canada. Ag World Continues to service this plant).

Portage la Prairie

July of 2003 Ag World began servicing a new facility in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba owned and operated by Simplot Canada.

Vegetable Inspections

In July, Ag World began to service its first vegetable plant at Pasco, Washington, owned and operated by J.R. Simplot Co. With a change in ownership in spring of 2007, Ag World continues to service this plant now called Pasco Processing.

Grand Forks, ND

In September, Ag World began operating a private lab in Grand Forks, North Dakota servicing the needs of the processed potato chip and french fry industry. This lab was licensed to do Techmark Services testing and was closed in 2007 due to volume reductions.

Expansion in MB

August of 2007, Ag World began operations at another McCain plant located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Ag World Northeast

Ag World began servicing the Maine potato industry at the McCain Foods facility in Easton, Maine. Ag World's Northeast District was formed to service Maine plus additional future business in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Hermiston, OR Expansion

Ag World began servicing River Point Farms in Hermiston, Oregon; a fresh cut operation specializing in onions and peppers. This business ended in 2014.

Lamb Weston Operations

Ag World began servicing the five Lamb Weston plants in Washington State, with year round grading/inspections at facilities in Pasco and Quincy.

International Operations

Ag World began inspection consulting services in China at the Lamb Weston processing plant in Shangdu, Inner Mongolia. The addition of this business has helped solidify Ag World’s strategy to grow its international operations.

McCain Foods Operation

Ag World began servicing the McCain Foods plant in Othello, WA.

JR Simplot Operation

Ag World began servicing the Idaho potato industry at the JR Simplot Foods' Idaho facility in Caldwell, performing raw & process lab inspections.

McCain Foods Operation

Ag World began servicing the Wisconsin potato industry at the McCain Foods facility in Plover, performing raw for payment & process lab inspections.

Vegetable Expansion in Washington

Ag World added to its vegetable inspections in Washington state by servicing Simplot RDO (now Simplot as of 11/1/2019) in Pasco, performing raw for payment inspections.

Vegetable Expansion in Washington

Ag World added to its vegetable inspections in Washington state by servicing Quincy Foods in Quincy - performing raw for payment inspections.

Vegetable Expansion in Oregon

Ag World added two new vegetable plants in Oregon state by servicing National Frozen Foods in Albany and NORPAC in Brooks - performing raw for payment inspections.


Q. Who is Ag World Support Systems LLC?
We are a private, independent, third-party inspection company currently serving the processed potato and vegetable industries in North America.


Q. When was Ag World Support Systems founded?
We were founded on June 16, 1997 and began our first inspection operation in February 1998.


Q. Who is the Founder and what makes him qualified?
Warren Henninger is the Founder and serves as the Founder/Chairman Officer. Mr. Henninger grew up on a potato farm in Pennsylvania and has spent his entire professional career in the potato industry. Mr. Henninger's vision of developing a private, independent, third-party inspection company to better service industry needs led him to start Ag World Support Systems.


Q. What is your mission?
Ag World Support Systems exists to provide the agriculture industry with an independent third-party inspection service that utilizes the most advanced management information systems and inspection equipment technology. Ag World Support Systems will provide cost effective, accurate, and timely inspection data while receiving a profit to grow and develop its people.


Q. What is the vision of the company?
Ag World Support Systems Independent Third-Party Inspections bring added value to the agriculture industry at a time when high performance and the elimination of non-essential costs are of utmost importance. Ag World Support Systems, through cost effective inspections, will meet the high demands of the processor and grower enabling the potato and vegetable industries to stay competitive in world agricultural markets into the 21st century.