Our Team


Warren Henninger – Founder/Chairman

Judy Henninger – Administrative Executive

Bryan Henninger – President/CEO

Corporate Team

Darren Burchill – CAO and General Counsel
Ruth Wu – CFO and China Director
Melanie Finch – Organizational Development & Communications Senior Manager
Cindy Alporque – HR Manager
Verna Zacharias – East Region QA Manager
Luke Switzer – West Region QA Manager
Tim Friez – China Operation Manager & Safety Manager
Jian Zhang – China Inspection Specialist
Pat Motschenbacher – IT Manager
Garrett Hoff – Software Developer
Jana Mahn – Accounting Assistant
Debbie Smith – Payroll Specialist
Shonnie Peña – Office Assistant

West Region

Rob Hopp – Director
Aaron Glenn – North Basin Area Manager
Trena Norris – South Basin Area Manager
Christofer Palmer – Facility Manager
Minerva Garnica –Facility Manager
Priscilla Griffith – Facility Manager
Anthony Riassetto – Facility Manager
Brian (Bo) Li – Facility Manager

East Region

Chip Steckler – Director
Lynn Natuk – East Region Manager
Shawnna Dickson – Midwest CA Area Manager
Lisa Peters – Midwest USA Area Manager
Dave Saucier – Facility Manager
Greg Kipp – Facility Manager
Deanna Dickson – Facility Manager
Brian Cleaver – Facility Manager
Dan Matthews – Facility Manager
Crystal Lebby – Facility Manager
Jeremy Porter – Facility Manager