Q. Who is Ag World Support Systems LLC?
We are a private, independent, third-party inspection company currently serving the processed potato and vegetable industries in North America.


Q. When was Ag World Support Systems founded?
We were founded on June 16, 1997 and began our first inspection operation in February 1998.


Q. Who is the Founder and what makes him qualified?
Warren Henninger is the Founder and serves as the Founder/Chairman Officer. Mr. Henninger grew up on a potato farm in Pennsylvania and has spent his entire professional career in the potato industry. Mr. Henninger's vision of developing a private, independent, third-party inspection company to better service industry needs led him to start Ag World Support Systems.


Q. What is your mission?
Ag World Support Systems exists to provide the agriculture industry with an independent third-party inspection service that utilizes the most advanced management information systems and inspection equipment technology. Ag World Support Systems will provide cost effective, accurate, and timely inspection data while receiving a profit to grow and develop its people.


Q. What is the vision of the company?
Ag World Support Systems Independent Third-Party Inspections bring added value to the agriculture industry at a time when high performance and the elimination of non-essential costs are of utmost importance. Ag World Support Systems, through cost effective inspections, will meet the high demands of the processor and grower enabling the potato and vegetable industries to stay competitive in world agricultural markets into the 21st century.